Foundation News

Striving to Make a Difference

It is our desire to serve our community by making a positive and sustainable difference in Hawaii. We hope to do this in two ways. The first, is by serving families with children with disabilities. By hosting seminars and workshops and collaborating with other non-profit organizations and like-minded professionals to provide information to these families so that they can make the best decisions to allow their children to grow and develop so that they may enjoy the most meaningful life possible. The second, is by focusing on bringing a system called Respecting Choices to Hawaii. Respecting Choices assists families in making End of Life Decisions and helps them manage through this most difficult time through a uniform process called Advance Care Planning. By instilling this process in our community, it is our hope that we will be able to alleviate the stress, anxiety, depression, and guilt that are associated with End of Life.

For more information regarding Special Needs and Advance Care Planning, please view the separate pages available on our website.