Advance Care Planning

It is goal of the Heartfelt Legacy Foundation to change the way End of Life Decision making is approached in our local community. By implementing a uniform, systematic, and coordinated process called Advance Care Planning, it is our help that we can help ease guilt, anxiety, and depression that many families suffer when a loved one passes on.

Advance Care Planning is a process in which an individual defines what quality of life means to them. It involves communicating those values to their loved ones, family members, and professionals so that their choices are honored and respected at a time when they are no longer able to speak for themselves.

The reason Advance Care Planning is so important to us, is because under the current form-based system,  about only 30% of people make an End of Life decision. Furthermore, the current form-based system results in only a third of that 30% of plans being honored and respected. However, in communities who use this process-oriented, client-centered, and value-driven approach, the statistics increase to over 90% of people making End of Life Decisions, and 90% of those decisions being honored and respected.

To help people, make more informed End of Life Decisions, the Heartfelt Legacy Foundation has put together a booklet that assists people with making these hard decisions. We use situation-based questions to help you determine what decisions you would make depending on the level of care needed.

For a PDF copy of the booklet, please click the link below. Please note, that while this booklet contains practical and useful information, it is not intended to serve as a legal guide nor as a substitute for your estate plan.

My Heartfelt Advance Care Plan

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